Anything? Anything…

Hey Kids.

Fulfilling a promise I made months ago, and to dozens of people, the Salsa Anything Cage packs are finally seeing the light of day.


These simple packs are loaded. Super-solid wraparound attachment points, ultra abrasion-resistant materials on the pack bottom and on the side/corner ‘lean point’, lightweight VX21 construction, and typical Porcelain Rocket bomber construction are all standard.


The packs load and unload quickly, thanks to simple, moron-proof double-back attachment wings.


They also feature a daisy chain on the rear of the pack for the use of double-sided hook&loop tape, to bolster the stability even more. These loops can either be wrapped just around the Anything Cage cutouts, or all the way around the fork legs or frame.


These packs weigh in at a scant 4oz. each, or 8oz. for the pair, and have a 4L maximum capacity per pack.

And of course, as with anything (get it, ANYTHING?) Porcelain Rocket, customizations are always possible!

Thanks again and again!


  1. Steve Fuller says:

    Waterproof from the outset, or would that be upon request?

    • theporcelainrocket says:

      Let’s go with “very water-resistant”. Unfortuately, sewn gear can rarely be 100% waterproof.


      • John Mahan says:


        • theporcelainrocket says:

          I’m thinking $75 for the pair. Contact me for more info on pricing!


  2. Gary Blakley says:

    Hey, thanks again. Moron proof? You did make them just for me. :-)

    I’m impressed. I bet you’ll sell a ton of them. I’ll send you photos a s soon as I get out with them.

  3. Dylan Snodgrass says:

    Sick! Your going to sell a ton of these things…

  4. David Bach says:

    How will these work with just attaching them to the fork?
    I just need them to hold small things, with really no weight.

    • theporcelainrocket says:

      These bags are a bit big just to attach to the fork legs. Not to mention, they are designed specifically with attachments for the Anything Cage, so not really a ‘stand-alone’ design.


  5. Glenn Charles says:

    Scott, as always, you are a Rock Star. The bags are awesome and now that I have mine in hand I look forward to no more ‘banana laden exploding dry bags’ that come loose in my Anything Cages. Great stuff!!


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