Rad Rack-Top

Somebody with a fair bit of pull, when it comes to getting me to build things in a rush, is gettin’ a good one!

A full-on custom pack for stashing e-bike batteries and controller :

Rocket Flap.

This little monster is a rack-top pack for a front Surly Nice Rack. It ain’t no ordinary rack-top pack though. Full of hidden treasures. Behind the Rocket Flap is a mesh window for full capacity airhorning.

Zips right round, like a record baby.

It’s got a wrap-around water resistant zipper for keeping all the zappy bits happy bits. Not to mention, there are enough wire ports on this thing to hook-up a house. Inside is a moveable / removable divider for full customization of the configuration:

Yellow is so hot right now.

I dare you to ask me for another one…

More super-sweet stuff later this week!



  1. David Bach says:

    “Dam it, i need more pull..ha ha!” Nice bag scot:)

  2. Tim says:

    Nice. Hopefully a fully installed shot .. Later

  3. jason says:

    Dam it. why another awesome bag that i want on my bike

  4. Sean says:

    That’s rad! When I electrify my Big Dummy I’ll be giving you a call for something like this.

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