Gone to do something hard…

Hey there.

Another crazy winter’s in the bags (haha), and I’ve been working doubly hard to prepare for my own little bit of time off.

 Porcelain Rocket will be closed from July 10th to September 1st, 2013.  I’ll be in Australia making an attempt to ride the Canning Stock Route, along with Tom Walwyn.

We plan to be on the track from about July 20th to August 25th.  You can follow along here, if you like : http://trackleaders.com/csr

I’d like to thank some folks who’ve helped make this insane thing possible :

Tom Walwyn & Sarah Hedges

Rick Hunter

Kevin Tweed

Mike Curiak


Old Man Mountain

Cass Gilbert

& of course my beautiful Noam.  Without her not a whole lot is possible.


Take care everyone, and see you in the fall!



  1. Matt Ravaioli says:

    Hey Scott, we can’t thank you enough for completing our order before heading off on your adventure! We love the bags, best of luck in the land of Oz.

  2. Doug says:

    When things get tough, enjoy the feeling of being truly alive. Nothing puts you in the here and now like testing your mettle.

  3. Vik says:

    Safe travels. Get your fill of some sweet OZ desert hike-a-bike!

  4. Tim the neighbour says:

    Hiya just checked the website out. Best of British to youse on the trip. I’ll keep in touch, is this the best way? Early, early days…Timmy

  5. drjon says:

    good luck! enjoy it!

  6. Robert Potter says:

    Great start Scott. Watching your progress. Have a great trip.
    Abrazos, Roberto


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