Ground Control

I’ve had a fair few questions regarding handlebar setups lately, so here’s a little photo treat for ya’s.

Fraternal, in the twin sense, not in the drink-your-face-off sort of way...

Two recent Ground Control handlebar setups, built around Outdoor Research 10L drybags.  The idea is simple; stuff your fluffy junk into the drybag while still cozy at camp, and then slide the drybag into the Ground Control roll bag that stays mounted to the bike.  Roll up the ends.  Load up the add-on accessory pouch with gummy worms and pork rinds.

Badass Black with add-on pouch...

...and without.

Full Custom with add-on pouch...

...and without again.

The velcro strips that wrap around the roll bag are designed for adjustability and the addition of accessories, such as a tent pole sleeve, like this :

'Nother custom job.

Which looks like this all mounted up :

*photo courtesy Dylan Menges*

Still confused?

Snow up in the hills today…



  1. Tim says:

    So excited to get one!!!!

  2. Matt M. says:

    What kind of bars are those in the last photo?

    • theporcelainrocket says:

      Hey Matt,
      Those are Jeff Jones Loop handlebars in titanium. Very nice! The Ground Control works well with these bars.


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