In the Works…

Alex on his amazing Dummy.

I’ve been plugging away with Fall orders, but I thought I’d let a few cats out of the bag for what’s coming in 2012:

1. I have had a number of folks ask about custom bags for Salsa’s Anything Cages. I am working on a prototype for these. I can say this; it’s gonna be a cute little thing that will stay put no matter what sort of terrain you take on.

2. I threw some feelers out with regards to what interest may be for custom bags that work on Xtracycle’s V-Rack platform. The responses were overwhelmingly positive, so with a little help from some good friends, Porcelain Rocket will be offering a limited edition run of these bags in the Spring. Keep your eyes on the blog for info as things progress!

3. After stumbling into the little niche of building custom rear frame packs for Surly’s Big Dummy, I have decided that it may be time to offer something a little more ‘universal’. For the impatient types, this might be right up your alley! Again, I’ll post more about this here as this little guy takes shape.

And of course, Porcelain Rocket will continue to produce all the gear that I currently build, with the same obsessive attention to detail.

Thanks so much!


  1. Gary Blakley says:

    I just got a Fargo V2 fork and a couple of Anything Cages for the Divide trip next year. My plan is to haul the bulk of the weight for both Patti and I but still not use a rear rack. So, it looks like I’ll definitely want to try your bags for the cages. Any photos yet?

    • theporcelainrocket says:

      Hey Gary,
      No photos yet, but soon! It is one of the many projects I’ve got going on, not to mention all the fatbike stuff happening this Fall!
      Thanks for the placement of that photo! I knew it was southern Colorado, but that is cool that it is so close to your place! If you have any good photos, send them my way!

      Thanks again!

  2. Gary Blakley says:

    Hey, that photo on your web page of Nancy riding on asphalt with the trees in color is about 8 miles north of here (Del Norte).

  3. Alex says:

    Custom bags for Xtracycle V-racks is such a great idea !
    Hope they will soon take place on my bike !

    Thanks for all that work !

  4. Tom says:

    Scott – have been contemplating self-made improved Xtracycle Freeloader bags for my BD on my return to Oz. Having struggled with the current versions (and earlier), I’d love to offer what I can…


    • theporcelainrocket says:

      Hey Tom,
      I’ll for sure be hitting you up for ideas!

      Thanks again for the continued support of what I do!

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