Video : A Short Packing Example

Hey Hey!

This is something I’ve been promising to lots of folks, for far too long. A packing video.

Here is a very brief example of how I configure the main parts of my gear for a trip, no matter the length. The suggestions contained in the video are the result of several years of planning and trial&error on my part, and it is a system that works well for me. By no means is it right or wrong! 😉

Also, as an added bonus, I’m including my comprehensive packing list for a tour. This is the base kit that goes along on 100% of the tours that I do; anywhere from an overnighter, to a multi-week expedition. I have left food specifics off the list, as they tend to vary greatly, mission to mission.


Mission Control Handlebar Setup :

* Main Rollbag
> OR 10L dry sack
– REI Sub Kilo 20 degree down sleeping bag
– Thermarest Prolite 3 Short
> OR 2.5L ultralight dry sack
– 1 pair ultralight running shorts / swimming trunks
– 1 MEC merino wool t-shirt
– 1 pair Smartwool light hiking socks
– 1 MEC light merino long-sleeve t-shirt
– 1 pair Patagonia Capilene 1 tights
– 1 Patagonia wool beanie hat
– 1 micro MSR camp towel
> Endura waterproof shell

* Accessory Pouch
>SPOT unit
> toiletries ditty bag
– toothbrush
– toothpaste
– shampoo
– small deodorant stick
> money-clip & passport (contained in waterproof sleeve)
> food odds & ends that will be accessed during the day

* Tent Pole sleeve
> Tent Poles 🙂

Top Tube Pack:

> Canon G9 P&S digital camera
> Apple iPod Touch (great for music and accessing wifi)
> Jolly Ranchers

Custom Single Compartment Frame Pack:

*Main Compartment
> 2 spare el-cheapo 26″ inner tubes
> Tool kit
– REMA patch kit
– Crank Bros. multi-tool
– 1 Pedros yellow tire lever
– 1 spare Shimano shoe ratchet buckle
– 2 spare cleat bolts
– small length of duct tape
– 1 spare set of Hope brake pads
– 1 short length of SRAM 971 chain
– 1 SRAM quick link
– 1 spare tubeless valve stem
– various 4mm and 5mm bolts
> Food

* Map Pocket
> Maps for the mission
> 6 MSR ultralight aluminum tent stakes in ditty sack
> Lezyne Mountain Drive pump

Booster Rocket Seatpack:

> MSR Hubba rainfly
> MSR Hubba tent body
> Patagonia Micropuff hooded down jacket
> MSR 6L Dromedary (strapped underneath)

Wingnut Gear Hyper 3.0 Backpack:

> Kitchen stuff
– GSI 1L titanium pot w/ lid
– MSR Pocket Rocket stove
– Small Jetboil fuel canister
– homemade spork / can opener
> Toilet paper
> Book
> Overflow food
> Arm warmers
> small Apple power adapter doodad for charging iPod
> small Canon battery charger


I hope this is of some use to someone out there. Please let me know if you have ANY questions, or if you think you think there’s something I’ve missed.

Thanks everyone!


  1. Cass says:

    micro camp towel – oh, such a luxury!
    Great to have this list. I’d substitute Jelly Babies for Jolly Ranchers though…

  2. Gary says:

    Good job!!!

  3. davep says:

    MSR Hubba fly and body? What about the poles? How do you carry them?

    • theporcelainrocket says:

      If you notice in the ‘Mission Control Handlebar Setup’ section of the packing list, I have listed an accessory tent pole sleeve. That’s where they live.

  4. Kenneth C. says:

    Very nice video.Your little list has help me to trim weight off my Big Dummy a little.Where was you at in this video it looks like a great place to fish.

    • theporcelainrocket says:

      The video was shot right off of Victoria’s southern shore. I’m not much of a fisherman, but I know it’s a good place for seaweed!


  5. Nicholas Carman says:

    You should know better than to spill your guts like this. Shampoo, spare shoe buckle, Jolly Ranchers? But only one pair of socks! Surely you bring two pairs.

    I assume you are carrying the proper size tube for your bike as well. Is that not the Hunter 29er?


    • theporcelainrocket says:

      This list is for the gear that lives in bags only. I have omitted the clothes that I am wearing on a daily basis. I typically wear the same clothes everyday on the bike, and the same clothes everyday in camp. I may occasionally splurge and bring another pair of socks. 🙂

      Yep, that’s the Hunter. 26″ tubes work nicely in a 29er, and they are lighter, with far more inexpensive options available.


      • Nicholas Carman says:

        I will wear the same clothes all summer, but a personal hair is to change socks daily, recycling the old socks by rinsing along the way. Perhaps I just have smelly feet.

        Good to know about the tubes; I hadn’t thought of that. 29″ tubes work in fatbike wheels. I use the 26 x″ tubes in the big tires.

  6. Nicholas Gault says:

    Great list. Where would you carry the 6l water bag if you decided you needed to fill it?

    • theporcelainrocket says:

      The bladder goes into the frame pack on those occasions when it does get filled, and typically some food gets shuffled to the backpack. Frame packs are ideal spots for heavy bladders.



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